How to Become a Better Leader with Nils Vinje

In this episode of The B2B Leadership Podcast, best-selling author and leadership coach Nils Vinje shares his own story of leadership along with the experiences that ultimately molded him into a better leader along the way.
Nils began by bouncing around between professions (from a software engineer to a Xerox sales rep), looking for work to cultivate his abilities. While attending grad school, he heard a presenter whose simple question became a pivotal moment for him: "Are you the CEO of your career?" This epiphany led to his commitment to take control of the direction he wanted to move towards with his life—instead of letting other people make that decision—all while combating impostor syndrome.
Nils wraps up the episode by providing several leadership tips:

1. Answer the question: "Are you the CEO of your career?"
2. Never settle and always push yourself
3. Always invest in yourself, even if your company isn't going to

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